Organic Ghee Clarified Butter, 500 g

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Organic Ghee Clarified Butter, 500 g

Rich and deep flavour, ideal for ayurvedic diet

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500 g
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Ghee butter is especially valued for its amazing culinary properties. Thanks to a high smoke point (250°C), the butter does not burn, therefore, it is more and more often used as fat to prepare various dishes. Moreover, the rich Ghee flavour makes dishes from all around the world remarkable. Thanks to heating Ghee up, the layers of solids (contaminations) and liquids (pure butter) become separate. A high temperature of heating it up (118°C) enables the Maillard reaction responsible for a caramel colour of the butter and its flavour.

Ghee clarified butter is mainly used in the kitchen to cook, fry and stew. It can be also used for baking (instead of butter or oil) as well as the basis for soups and sauces. Due to the fact that it is high in vitamin E, it is also used as a skin care product.

Ghee butter has a soothing effect on the digestive system as it does not increase cholesterol. After its consumption, the level of interferon rises (an antiviral substance). It can be consumed by people of all ages.


Approximate nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value 3681,5 kJ / 895,5 kcal
Fat 99,50g
saturated fat 62,50 %
Carbohydrates: <0,50 g
of which sugars: <0,50 g
Protein <0,50 g
Salt <0,50 mg